Join The Team

What is a coupon code?

Bronco Brew Coffee generates a unique coupon code consisting of letters and numbers that you may enter in the box at checkout for a 10% discount on your first purchase.

Where do I get a coupon code?

Coupon codes for our Boise State student-athletes partners will be available on the Athlete Roster page. Simply click on the support button to apply their coupon to your order. You are also eligible to receive your own code to share if you sign up to join the team. Additionally, partners can post and share the code on their social media.

How can I continue to support the athlete that I have chosen?

The first step is to enter the athletes unique coupon code the first time you make a purchase of Bronco Brew Coffee at check out. This links your future purchases to your chosen athlete so they continue to receive commissions on your future purchases. 

Secondly, become a Bronco Brew Coffee partner yourself. Simply sign up using the partner portal. Make sure and put the name of your chosen athlete on the referral line. This will make you a part of the athletes team and everyone you share with who joins or makes a purchase will generate commissions for you and your selected athlete.

What if I do not see the athlete I wish to support on the list?

All Boise State student-athletes are eligible to participate, but some athletes either do not know to sign up or have not had time to sign up. It is their personal decision. If you know an athlete or interact with one on social media maybe comment that you would like to support them. We can't guarantee this will work but it never hurts to try. Just be polite and understanding if they choose not to participate.

Can I make money also?

Absolutely! When you join to become a partner of the Bronco Brew Coffee team you become a part of a three level commission team. You will be under the person that referred you and on a Boise State student- athletes team. You will be at the top of your own level. You will receive 15% of any sales you refer. Once the customer puts your unique coupon code in the box at checkout you will be tied to them forever for all of their future purchases. They never need to use the coupon code again for you to get your commission.

How do the three commission tiers work?

You are at the top of your own tier and you are either someone's second or third level. You in turn will have people that sign up under you as a second level. Those sign ups will sign up people under themselves that will become your third level. There is no limit to the number of people you can sign up. Commissions are paid at a rate of 15% for anyone you sell directly to. Commissions are 5% from any sales made from your second level and an additional 2% commission is paid to you from anyone making a sale on your third level.

How do I keep track of my commissions?

When you sign up to be a Bronco Brew Coffee partner you will receive your own dashboard where you can see all of your commissions, people on your team and have access to posts you can copy and share.

It is very organized and it will encourage you to share the word of mouth about a great product who's retail profits support Boise State University and its student-athletes.

Are there taxes involved?

Yes, you will receive a 1099 every year from Bronco Brew Coffee listing your total commission for the year. This amount must be declared on your tax return. Please ask your accountant for any advice and to answer any tax questions you may have.

If I am a partner can I sell to myself?

Absolutely! You will receive a 15% commission on sales to yourself so in essence you're getting a 15% discount from the normal sale price. The athlete you are signed up under also gets a commission.

Why is word of mouth so important?

Over 90% of people will respond to a friend or family member when they recommend a product to them. Social media sharing is big business, but most people share for free and the platforms make advertising revenue. Bronco Brew Coffee was designed to take the retail profits and direct them to Boise State University and its student-athletes directly. We can only accomplish this goal with the help of Bronco Nation. We know your time is valuable also and that's why we also make sure we monetize your social sharing efforts also. We appreciate you and your valuable support.